Online booking. Better service, better occupancy rate


Easy online booking

Leaving guests waiting in a telephone queue or letting them call in vain does not add value for you or the guest. With our online booking system, your guests can easily book their activities and additional purchases from home. You decide on content and limitations and design the setup for your business.

Individual style for the system

You have the option to make your own mark on the online booking via the CSS stylesheet, so that it fits well with the rest of your business. You can also design unique messages and invoices in the system so that guests receive a professional and welcoming confirmation of their online booking.


Compose your own offers and packages

Create great deals or packages, e.g. for children's birthdays. Packages might include bowling + buffet + gift bags + play centre + sweets. It can all be booked online in advance, and the bill includes the whole package from the start. This minimises typing errors, saves time and helps you sell more.

Create participants from home

Your guests can enter the different names for the lanes themselves when booking online. That way, the game gets started quickly, and your guests feel welcomed when their lanes are ready.

The online table booking system includes many other features that optimise your occupancy rate and provide visitors with a professional experience:

Additional purchases when booking

Offer your guests the option to buy e.g. trophies, food, snacks or special offers on drinks when booking online. This gives visitors a professional experience overall and increases upselling.

Time schedule

If the guests book more activities in the same booking, they will receive confirmation with a schedule. This gives them peace of mind and an overview, and prevents misunderstandings.


Guests can sign up for newsletters and loyalty programmes through the online booking system.

Customer login

The guest has the option to create their own login, so they can avoid having to enter all their information every time they book.


Have guests pay a deposit via the confirmation — this prevents "no shows", increases sales and saves time. The deposit will automatically be deducted from the bill.

Set limits

You can set your own limits in the online booking system, so that for example, it is not possible to book for a large group at short notice. That means great service and time saved.

We will be there, even if things go wrong at 23:00.

We understand the consequences for your business and customer service if the system acts up. And when you digitise your business that can happen sometimes. We offer free support every weekday from 9-16. The telephone support hotline is open every day of the week from 6-24. No matter what time you call, you will always be met by competent support staff who can help you move on quickly.

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