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Complete POS system for the hospitality industry

More time for customer service


FlexyPos is a complete POS system built on years of insight into the café and restaurant sector. The system has been designed with a focus on a high level of service, easy handling and additional sales.

FlexyPos can be tailored to your particular restaurant, staff and daily routines.


Designed for great service

FlexyPos provides a secure platform for your business. We usually call it an investment in happy customers and a healthy business.

The POS system itself can be customised with your own buttons and menus, and it makes it easy to split bills or handle different currencies. The solution includes a wealth of clever features that guide your employees to additional sales and good and attentive service. The visual table plan helps waiters visit all the tables at appropriate intervals on busy nights, and they can receive orders via the ordering app. The automatic table prioritisation ensures that your guests are seated in an optimal arrangement according to your wishes. This saves valuable time that you can then spend on customer service instead. You will also save lots of time on bookkeeping when you integrate FlexyPos with your financial system.


Grows with your business

FlexyPos is made up of a series of modules and can grow with your business. Of course, the base system includes the most important features for a start-up: The complete POS system and dashboards, reporting system, CRM system and much, much more.

If you add the shift roster module, you can save a lot of valuable time on shift planning by letting employees manage the planning themselves. The modules Online Table Booking, Electronic Menu and Inventory Management complete the set in one of the strongest solutions on the market. We have thought of everything, so you can think about developing your business.

Integration with your systems

The FlexyPos POS system can be integrated with all popular IT systems on the market, e.g. e-conomic, Direct Debit Services (Betalingsservice), MobilePay, Proløn, Dibs and Google Analytics to name a few. You can see all integration options here. Contact us if there is something missing from the list — we will find a solution.

Ordering app


Let the waiter take orders at the table and send them directly to the kitchen from the handheld terminal. If there are questions that the waiter should remember to ask or messages for the kitchen, they can be added in the system. The bill can be split and paid at the table without the waiter leaving.

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Visual table plan


The visual table plan makes it easy to provide a good and attentive service, which typically leads to additional sales. It is easy to get an overview of reservations, and different colours highlight when a table should be visited again or needs to be set. With automatic table prioritisation, you can seat your guests and parties just as the head waiter would, with his unique knowledge of the restaurant.

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An efficient ordering system that handles all incoming orders, both those placed online and those created manually. With an overview of your capacity and bookings, you will know exactly when each guest’s pre-ordered food is ready. You can easily increase or reduce the capacity for each day, ensuring optimal flow.


You can easily increase or reduce the capacity for each day, ensuring optimal flow.

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We will be there, even if things go wrong at 23:00.

We understand the consequences for your business and customer service if the system acts up. And when you digitise your business that can happen sometimes. We offer free support every weekday from 9-16. The telephone support hotline is open every day of the week from 6-24. No matter what time you call, you will always be met by competent support staff who can help you move on quickly.

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