Ordering app: Security and presence


High level of service and additional sales

Let the waiter take orders at the table and send orders and messages directly to the kitchen from the handheld terminal. If there are questions (e.g. about additional sales) that the waiter must always remember to ask, they can easily be added. This ensures a high level of service, increased upselling and efficiency every day. The ordering app has a lot of features, all tailored to give guests a professional experience and the waiter a useful tool:

Motivation and performance

Each sale is logged for every employee and reports constantly provide a current overview of the waiters who perform best. This can be an important tool for motivation and continuing training.

Direct messages

Messages for the kitchen and changes to orders or products are easily communicated via the app. This ensures that no important messages are lost, even during busy periods.

Split bill

The bill can easily be split by guests, and the app regularly sends information to the POS system without the waiter having to leave.

The table's bill

Orders are automatically saved on the table's bill so that all waiters can be authorised to upsell or create a bill for the guests at that table if the first waiter is busy. Large groups can be billed with just a few clicks via the billing system.

"Prepare next course"

Multiple-course meals can be delivered efficiently and attentively through the app via the "prepare next course" feature. In a message to the kitchen, the waiter can indicate whether a course should go in as a starter/main course/dessert. This ensures that the entire group is served at the same time and frees up more time for customer service.

Ingredients and allergens

Make it easy for the waiter to add or remove elements of a dish that the customer does not want. It can simply be checked in the app when ordering, and the kitchen will be notified immediately. Important messages about allergens are also sent directly to the kitchen.

A secure connection

Communication can take place via WiFi and mobile networks for maximum stability during a busy working day.

We will be there, even if things go wrong at 23:00.

We understand the consequences for your business and customer service if the system acts up. And when you digitise your business that can happen sometimes. We offer free support every weekday from 9-16. The telephone support hotline is open every day of the week from 6-24. No matter what time you call, you will always be met by competent support staff who can help you move on quickly.

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