Let your members purchase items via their membership fee

FlexyBox developed an integration for vending and coffee machines that makes it much easier for members to buy goods. The purchase is automatically deducted with the next membership fee, so that members can buy your products without needing to take money out of their pocket.

  • Members can buy products using their membership card or key tag
  • Purchases are charged to members’ accounts, so they pay for them with their next membership payment
  • It is possible to set credit limits in the system, so the cost does not get out of hand
  • It only requires a vending package, which is inexpensive and easy to install.

Studies show that the average member buys more products when payment does not have to be made immediately. When you don’t have to fetch cash or a credit card, there’s no excuse for not grabbing that extra protein bar!   THE SOLUTION PAYS FOR ITSELF IN 6 MONTHSUnlike other providers of vending payment solutions, FlexyBox does not charge a percentage of sales or ongoing fees for the feature — the savings on fees can therefore be added directly to the turnover! Vending machines integrated with customer records are therefore both good business and good customer service. We didn’t reinvent the wheel — we just think that, as our partner, you should be able to offer your members the best.

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