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Refer a new FlexyBox customer and receive 1 month's free* license!

We would like to reward you for recommending us.

Recommendations from satisfied customers are the best publicity we can get.

If your referral results in a new FlexyBox customer, we’ll reward you with a free one-month* license, credited to you once the new customer signs their license agreement.

Here's how:

Send your customer referral, including contact information, to our sales department at phone sales@flexybox.com or give us a call at 70 22 48 84.

Our sales department will reach out to your referral, and if your recommendation becomes a customer, you will be contacted directly by us.

The following terms and conditions apply:

The customer must be a new customer. Dvs. kunden må ikke tidligere have været FlexyBox-kunde – hverken tidligere kunde med nyt CVR-nummer og samme navn eller tidligere kunde med nyt navn og samme CVR-nummer.

Flexybox reserves the right not to enter into a customer relationship with the referred customer if it is assessed that the customer is not the right match for FlexyBox.

FlexyBox reserves the right to cancel the Referral Program at any time and to amend these Terms and Conditions.

*Up to DKK 4,000 ex VAT can be credited. VAT for 1 month license.

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