Much more than support

Our supporters are also advisors. We know your industry’s needs and challenges. And if you run into problems, we won’t let you go until the challenge is solved.

We provide support that ensures stable operations

If questions or problems arise, it should be easy to get an answer to your challenge so that you can move on quickly.

In our approach to customer support, it is therefore important that;

• you get the right help and guidance at first contact with our staff.

• you get fast and efficient case handling so that you can focus on your business.

• you can easily contact us or quickly find the answer to your question yourself.

Har du brug for support?

Slår systemet knuder, har vi gjort det let for dig at komme videre.

Du kan hurtigt finde en løsning med det samme på langt de fleste af dine spørgsmål i vores trin-for trin vejledninger.

Are you a new customer?
We offer a professional and structured onboarding process

We have a team of dedicated staff who specialise in creating a competent and structured onboarding process. As a result, you quickly become familiar with the system and start taking advantage of its many possibilities.

Whether your business is new or you’re converting from another provider, we’ll clarify your needs, so the system is right for your business. We advise on hardware and system requirements and work with you to create an individual plan for start-up, set-up and training.

We set an installation date, and you get the training you need to be ready when the system is up and running.

We also advise on third-party redemption agreements, so you can be sure all the practicalities are in place.

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