An electronic menu that reduces waiting time for service

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An electronic menu with a focus on the good user experience

FlexyMenu is an electronic menu app that makes physical menus obsolete. This benefits both the economy and the climate.

FlexyMenu makes ordering easy.

Your customers can order what they want with just a few clicks on a tablet at their table. This reduces waiting time, order errors and motivates customers to buy more.

The system also considers foreign guests’ visits, as the entire menu can be displayed in English. And if your guests need personal service, they can easily call a waiter via the same app.

With our take on the menu of the future, you can make sure you’re providing customer service that’s both good and considerate.

What you get
...and much more

Flexible ordering via devices

Customise the number of devices to your business size and needs.

The system supports the use of iPads. It makes it easy to place the menu in multiple locations or take the menu around to different tables or lanes.

It increases flexibility and allows you to try different approaches to grow your business.

Customise the design for your business

Design your electronic menu to fit your universe.

Customise buttons, logo and images. It creates recognisability and makes your business look professional.

You can also set up different menus for specific times or areas of the business.

Customising the design can ensure a common thread in communication with customers. 

Organise content and create overview

Ease administration by structuring your menu.

Create everything from product groups, items, menus and descriptions to checkout questions and time-differentiated prices. 

It makes the menu clear and easy to use for both guests and staff.

Motivate guests to self-service

Self-service gives freedom and increases sales.

Let guests order via the digital menu. The kitchen is notified directly when an order is sent. This reduces waiting time and frees up more time for your employees.

Guests also have the option to purchase additional items or make a quick adjustment to the order before dispatch. This increases the likelihood of multiple sales.

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Activity centre

One or more locations

If you have FlexyPOS or FlexyBook, you can purchase FlexyMenu, which can be tailored to your needs and the size of your business.

Our basic system has all the key features your business needs. The bigger your business gets, the more you can expand the system.

FlexyMenu can be easily integrated across your business if you run a chain with multiple locations, giving you an overview of each location and the overall business.

Online Take Away system
- Delivery right to your door

Learn more about how to maintain good standards and service and make it easy for your guests to have food delivered to their homes.

Optimise the customer experience

Give your guests a free hand and a quick service directly at the table, bowling alley, or elsewhere.

The digital menu can be used anywhere, and when the glass is empty or a spontaneous craving for something extra arises, the guest simply sends an order directly to the kitchen, which is then forwarded to the cash register and your accounting system.

A modern menu app that optimises the customer experience.


Customised for your restaurant or café

With FlexyTable, you get an online table booking system tailored to make it easy for guests and staff to make a booking with you. This ensures a positive experience from the start.

Self-service gives freedom and increased sales

Bring all your systems together in a single entity

FlexyMenu is designed to reduce ordering time and allow time for guests to immerse themselves, increasing the possibility of additional sales.

FlexyMenu can be used with our checkout system FlexyPOS and our booking system FlexyBook.

This is an obvious choice if you want to increase flexibility for both guests and staff. 

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See all the benefits of consolidating your systems into one solution:

Activity centre

With Flexybox, you can manage both activity and resource bookings and combine activities in a single booking system. It simplifies your tasks, so you can spend your time delivering a consistent, high-quality experience to your guests.

Fitness centre

With Flexybox, you can bring together membership management, team booking and rostering in one system. It provides visibility and reduces the time you spend on operations, so you can focus on delivering a great, personalised service to your members.


With Flexybox’s complete operations system, you can manage everything from seating plans and online booking to rostering and stock management. By optimising your daily operations, you free up time to create the best experience for your guests.

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