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How to report an incident safely

The purpose of the whistleblowing is to enable Flexybox employees and external partners to report, safely and anonymously, any critical facts that are in breach of the law.

Reporting can be done without fear of negative consequences for either employees or relationships with external parties who have reported in good faith actual or suspected violations. Therefore, reporting can be done via a whistleblower platform.

What can you report?

For example, you can report:

  • Economic crime (embezzlement, bribery, fraud, forgery)
  • Provision of false or misleading information to public authorities
  • Physical violence or sexual abuse
  • Breach of work safety
  • Threats to environment, health and safety

How to make a report

You report a relationship by:

  • Open the Whistleblower Platform
  • Click on the link “Submit online”
  • Fill in the form you will be guided through.

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