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Create inspiring content for your advertising and info screens

With FlexyMedia, the focus is on content for digital info and advertising screens.

You compose images, videos and animations so that your customers are motivated, informed and inspired by upcoming events, current information and great offers.

The system is suitable for cafés, restaurants, fitness centres and activity centres and will stimulate your customers’ desire to buy.

What you get
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Promote your business

Spread messages throughout your business.

With FlexyMedia, you can inform and advertise on information screens around your restaurant or centre.

It creates awareness, arouses curiosity, and increases the likelihood of additional purchases by the guest or member.

Target the content

Customise content for your customers.

Our info screen system is designed with ease of use in mind, so you can easily create and copy templates, paste HTML code and create timed slideshows.

This ensures that you can display general information or offers that grab attention and entice your customers, members or guests to make a purchase.

Make the content visually exciting

Our info screen software offers a wide range of options when it comes to content playback.

You can put together playlists, slideshows and videos with sound and display images, graphs and animations.

This allows you to put together exactly the content that makes sense for your message and the customers you want to reach.

Central management of your content

Manage message damage across multiple screens centrally and save time on updates.

You have the ability to differentiate content depending on where the screens are located, so messages are tailored to the customers who pass by them.

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Activity centre

Fitness centre

One or more locations

If you have FlexyPOS, FlexyMember or FlexyBook, you can purchase the FlexyMedia, which can be put together to suit the needs and size of your business.

Our basic system has all the key features your business needs. The bigger your business gets, the more you can expand the system.

If you run a chain with multiple locations, FlexyMedia can be easily integrated across your business, giving you an overview of each location and the overall business.

Update while you're on the move

With FlexyMedia, you have unlimited online access to the system, independent of time and place. Your changes are reflected on all advertising and news screens instantly.

It allows you to create and edit content when it fits your busy schedule.

Create inspiring information screens and boost the desire to buy

Bring all your systems together in a single entity

Ease day-to-day operations and make everyday life easier by consolidating your systems so you only have to work in one system.

FlexyMedia is used with our POS system FlexyPos, our booking system FlexyBook and our management system FlexyMember.

FlexyMedia can thus be easily set up for your business, your needs and the audience you want to create interest in.

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Get qualified help to put together the right solution to suit your needs. We use our industry experience to tailor a system that can streamline your workflows and optimise your business.

Which industry do you belong to?

We have solutions and optional products to suit all businesses, whatever their size.

See all the benefits of consolidating your systems into one solution:

Activity centre

With Flexybox, you can manage both activity and resource bookings and combine activities in a single booking system. It simplifies your tasks, so you can spend your time delivering a consistent, high-quality experience to your guests.

Fitness centre

With Flexybox, you can bring together membership management, team booking and rostering in one system. It provides visibility and reduces the time you spend on operations, so you can focus on delivering a great, personalised service to your members.


With Flexybox’s complete operations system, you can manage everything from seating plans and online booking to rostering and stock management. By optimising your daily operations, you free up time to create the best experience for your guests.

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