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A smart table booking system

FlexyTable is an online table reservation system for your restaurant or café. Online booking makes it easy to offer 24/7 service to your guests.

Give guests the option to book a table around the clock.

Once they have booked a table, they will receive a confirmation by SMS or email that the reservation has been completed. Guests will also receive a reminder when the reservation time is approaching.

The table reservation system automatically selects the best table based on the size of the company and other reservations. All this happens automatically, reducing the employees’ administrative time, which they can spend in the restaurant instead.

What you get
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Give guests a good experience from the start

FlexyTable makes it easy for your guests to book a table on your website when they have time. 

This reduces the risk of phone queues and saves staff time, which they can spend providing a good experience for restaurant guests.

Good overview with a visual table plan

With the visual table plan, you can set up the seating plan to match the layout in your location. 

This makes it easy for staff to decode which tables are available.

The table plan also communicates with the online booking and automatically loads reservations according to the desired algorithm. 

You get a clear and up-to-date table plan that gives your staff a good overview of the placement of guests in the restaurant.

Draw attention with colour markings

Provide good and attentive service at all tables – even during busy periods. 

Colour markings – also known as “traffic lights” – on hand-held terminals help waiters keep track of visitors at each table.

If a table has not been visited recently, the table changes colour from green to yellow and then to red on the visual table plan, and the waiter is made aware of this with a discreet vibration.

This makes it easy to decode how long it has been since a table has been visited, allowing your staff to cater for all guests.

Digital table planner - table reservation

Optimise occupancy all around your restaurant.

The digital table planner automatically places reservations and recalculates the table plan. It blocks table reservations for guests with the most no-shows and keeps track of capacity in both the restaurant and kitchen.

This ensures that your guests have an optimal experience from booking to checkout and reduces the risk of no-shows.

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Activity Centre

One or more locations

If you have FlexyPOSFlexyCRM or FlexyBook, you can purchase  FlexyTable, which  can be put together according to your needs and the size of your business.

Our basic system has all the key features your business needs. The bigger your business gets, the more you can expand the system.

FlexyTable can be easily integrated across your business if you manage a chain with multiple locations, giving you an overview of each location and the overall business.


Customised for your restaurant or café!

With FlexyMenu, you give your guests a whole new user experience through an electronic menu app that reduces waiting time for service.

Flexible online table booking frees up more time for your guests

Bring all your systems together in a single entity

FlexyTable is designed to facilitate the coordination of bookings, so you spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on the customers in the restaurant.

FlexyTable is used with our checkout system FlexyPOS, providing a streamlined system for day-to-day operations, so your employees only need to familiarise themselves with one system.

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Activity centre

With Flexybox, you can manage both activity and resource bookings and combine activities in a single booking system. It simplifies your tasks, so you can spend your time delivering a consistent, high-quality experience to your guests.

Fitness centre

With Flexybox, you can bring together membership management, team booking and rostering in one system. It provides visibility and reduces the time you spend on operations, so you can focus on delivering a great, personalised service to your members.


With Flexybox’s complete operations system, you can manage everything from seating plans and online booking to rostering and stock management. By optimising your daily operations, you free up time to create the best experience for your guests.

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