Visual table plan

The visual table plan makes it easy to provide good and attentive service, which leads to happy customers and increased sales.

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The visual table plan gives you an overview and saves time

Make it easy to get an overview of table reservations of the day

Our visual table plan makes it easy to get an overview of the day’s table reservations and see which tables need to be set. The intelligent table prioritisation means that guests and groups are automatically seated just as the head waiter would do it, with his unique knowledge of the restaurant. Table reservations are made entirely automatically based on your particular individual configurations, freeing up plenty of time for even better customer service.

Fully automated seating increases table occupancy

The visual table plan communicates with your online booking system and automatically ensures reservations are added in accordance with the desired algorithm. This optimises seating arrangements and ensures that e.g. groups are not split up.

Fully automated seating increases table occupancy

The visual table plan makes it easy to provide a good and attentive service at all tables, even during busy periods. Colour coding — known as “traffic lights” — on the handheld terminal helps the waiter keep an overview of the guests at every table.

If a table has not been visited recently, the table changes colour to yellow and then red on the visual table plan, and the waiter is alerted by a discreet vibration. The same happens with the table’s tab in the ordering app.

Keep an overview even during busy periods

The graphic board contains a lot of features that give the staff a good working tool:

Manage online bookings

When a guest books a table online, the reservation is automatically added to the seating plan according to the desired algorithm. This optimises occupancy and ensures that companies are not beeing split.

Intelligent table prioritisation

Based on your knowledge of the restaurant, your individual settings are set up so that guests and companies are automatically placed on the seating plan as the employee would.

Table status - "Traffic lights"

Colour marking “traffic lights” on the hand-held terminals help waiters to keep overview of visitors at each table. The colour marking alerts the waiter when it’s time to visit the table.

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