FlexyPlan: Shift rosters and time registration

Overview and control in a busy schedule


Let the employees handle the planning themselves

Planning shifts, holidays and time registration can be a big time waster during a busy day. We have made it easy for administrators and staff to spend their time effectively — and the more employees are associated with it, the cheaper the system becomes.

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Registration of working hours reduces errors

FlexyPlan is automatically compared to the staff’s time registration, which is an integral part of all our basic systems. This means that a warning appears if an employee logs into the POS system without having registered their arrival.

It also means that employee purchases can be deducted directly from wages, and that an employee can add an explanation if they leave a shift before it ends.

User-friendly and safe

An administrator creates shifts in the system and they are then displayed in a portal that employees can access from their smartphone or directly from the POS system. They can easily register their time, breaks and absences, choose or swap shifts, request and schedule leave and a host of other useful features that ensure smooth administration.

FlexyPlan makes it easy for administrators to keep track of the staff’s various skills and can easily create rolling shift rosters and reuse previous templates that employees manage themselves. The built-in reporting system makes it easy to keep track of budgets and resources.

FlexyPlan includes a wealth of functions, which you can see here


Fast payroll processing

If you choose to integrate FlexyPlan into your payroll system, you will get a complete solution that will always ensure wages are paid correctly. As all information about wage rates and time registration is already in the system, you can save valuable time on payroll processing. Of course, FlexyPlan can also be integrated with all major payroll systems on the market.

Align the shift roster with class schedules

If you use FlexyFitness, the instructor’s class sessions will automatically be synchronised with FlexyPlan. This means that you only need to create the shifts in one place, and that instructors can easily swap shifts internally. The class schedule is always up-to-date and guests can find out about changes before the class starts.

Read more about FlexyFitness.

We will be there, even if things go wrong at 23:00.

We understand the consequences for your business and customer service if the system acts up. And when you digitise your business that can happen sometimes. We offer free support every weekday from 9-16. The telephone support hotline is open every day of the week from 6-24. No matter what time you call, you will always be met by competent support staff who can help you move on quickly.

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