Save valuable time on payroll processing A complete and easy solution that ensures the correct payment of wages to your employees – quickly and securely.

Save time on payroll processing

Consolidate payroll and time registration into one system.

Spend less time on payroll processing. Get a complete and easy solution that ensures the correct payment of wages to your employees when you integrate your payroll with FlexyPlan.

Integration to your payroll system

Streamline your working day and reduce the risk of human error. FlexyPlan can be integrated into all major payroll systems on the market. It’s also possible to extract time registrations, pay rates, rounding and bonuses – and it’s ready to import into the payroll system.

This saves time and reduces the risk of human error.

Save valuable time on checks and payroll

FlexyPlan includes a lot of features that make your payroll processing easy, fast and secure:

Advanced reporting and dashboard

By merging payroll and time registration into the same system, FlexyPlan can generate a large number of detailed reports and unique key figures. You won’t find that in other solutions where data is separated into different systems.

Integration with FlexyPos and FlexyBook

Get an overview of the wage percentage relative to turnover or labour costs per guest per hour. If the employee arrives late or stays for longer than originally planned, you can set up rules for how this should be remunerated. Evening and nightshift allowances are calculated automatically, based on time registration.

Integration with FlexyFitness

Get an overview of labour costs per attendance or per class session attendance. If the class is cancelled due to insufficient registrations or if the instructor is sick, the class salary automatically disappears.

We integrate to your systems

Flexybox can deliver an operating system with a wealth of options; what we don’t offer ourselves, we have an integration for it. 

We integrate with all common IT systems on the market, ensuring that you can continue to use the systems you already know and are comfortable with.

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