Electronic menus offer great service and create upselling opportunities

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No more greasy menus and impatient customers. Offer your guests a whole new user experience and freedom to immerse themselves in a fantastic electronic menu!

With an electronic menu on a tablet at the table, the order is just a click away. That’s just good and considerate service — and if you ask us, it’s also the menu of the future.

FlexyMenu — A complete and user-friendly solution

With the electronic FlexyMenu, you can give your visitors free choice and quick service right at their table, the bowling alley or somewhere else entirely — the menu can be used anywhere. When their glass is empty or they have a spontaneous desire for a little extra, they can send an order directly to the kitchen or bar. The order is immediately added to the guest’s bill. During peak hours, the electronic menu prevents customers becoming impatient, as ordering no longer requires a wait.

  • Let guests order by themselves and free up waiters for other types of service.
  • The “waiter call” feature ensures that guests with special requests can still get the right service.
  • Exciting images, offers and pop-ups with questions about additional purchases ensure untold sales.
  • Avoid worn-out, outdated and incorrect menus, typos and misprints.
    Avoid errors and discussions about prices — the menu automatically updates time-controlled prices.
  • Make different menus visible depending on where or when the guest arrives.
  • (Stable and reliable, as communication can be via WiFi and mobile networks.)
  • Easy and clear setup directly from Flexybox.
  • Improves the wage percentage with fewer waiter hours.
  • Increase turnover with upselling.
  • Bowling: enter names for the game – directly at the lane on the electronic menu!

FlexyMenu’s non-intrusive upselling need only result in the sale of one extra bottle of wine per week before it pays for itself — and the potential is far greater than that!

Read more about FlexyMenu here.

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With FlexyPOS you get a complete POS system with a focus on high service levels, easy handling and multi-selling.

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