FlexyPOS POS system

FlexyPOS Complete POS and business system with focus on high service level and increased sales. Book an interview Make me wiser Our products A complete POS system regardless of industry FlexyPOS is much more than a POS system where you can receive payments. You get a flexible POS system tailored to your industry, business and […]


FlexyTable Online table booking that creates the best total experience for the guest Book an interview Make me wiser Our products A smart table booking system FlexyTable is an online table reservation system for your restaurant or café. Online booking makes it easy to offer 24/7 service to your guests. Give guests the option to […]


FlexyPlan A rostering system that optimises time registration, holiday planning and payroll. Book an interview Make me wiser Our products An efficient rostering system Personnel on-duty scheduling should be both easy and manageable. We’ve made it easy to get an overview of your staff. With our digital on-duty schedule, FlexyPlan, you can optimise the time […]


FlexyMenu An electronic menu that reduces waiting time for service Book a presentation Make me smarter Our products An electronic menu with a focus on the good user experience FlexyMenu is an electronic menu app that makes physical menus obsolete. This benefits both the economy and the climate. FlexyMenu makes ordering easy and straightforward. Your […]


FlexyLoyalty A loyalty app that retains and engages your customers Book an interview Make me wiser Our products Design your own loyalty app Create a great and consistent customer experience with FlexyLoyalty. With FlexyLoyalty, you have the opportunity to design your own loyalty app that you can use to raise awareness of offers and events […]


FlexyInventory Complete inventory management system that provides visibility and reduces waste Book an interview Make me wiser Our products An efficient inventory management system Control inventory, advances and waste with our digital inventory management system With FlexyInventory, keeping your inventory up-to-date is both easy and manageable.  You can optimise your work processes, reduce waste and […]

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