Why collect all your systems together in one place?

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Start optimizing your business today

Flexybox brings your entire operation into one system and digitizes workflows and complex work processes.
Our solution is flexible and customizable to optimize and add value to your business.

Tailor to your needs

An operational solution tailored to your business

Build the solution that matches your industry, business size and needs.

  • Industry-specific for activity centers, fitness centers and restaurants.

  • The system covers your needs whether you are a standalone business or a chain.

  • It’s easy to add Flexybox products to your current solution so your system can accommodate changes in your needs.

Automating processes

Streamline workflows and processes

Do you need an extra hour in the day?
We help automate daily processes in your business.

  • Set up triggers that are triggered by certain actions.

  • Have your inventory automatically adjusted when an item is entered into the POS system.

  • Optimize your time by using automated scheduling.

Intelligent reporting

Optimize your business

Business optimization can be overwhelming when you have multiple systems. By unifying your operations in one system, you can gain a deeper understanding of your business and make more accurate decisions.

  • Consistent and valuable data collection across Flexybox products.

  • Access to a wide range of standard reports.

  • Advanced analytical features that provide a unique opportunity to create customized reports.

Professional Support

One system, one contact

Do you prefer to talk to the same person?
Our support knows the entire platform, so you only need one contact. We know your everyday life and have in-depth knowledge of your industry.

Professional Support

Need help or sparring?

Our support team are industry specialists who prioritize timely responses and professionalism.

  • Insight-based contact and advice.

  • Your contact knows your business and history.

  • All system guides in one Helpdesk.

Scalable system

Easily add multiple locations

If you’re an established chain or business with growth ambitions, you can easily expand your solution to new locations.

  • Save time on operating system implementation when setting up new locations.

  • We help you get off to a good start in your new location with an onboarding program and training for administrators and system users.

  • Gain insight into key figures for each location or at chain level.

All-in-one solution

Quick overview and access to necessary functions

As an administrator and system user, you shouldn’t have to deal with more than one system.

  • Eliminate the need to use separate tools or systems.

  • With one login, you have access to the necessary functions and tools you need.

  • Navigate easily and quickly between the different Flexybox systems.

We integrate to your systems

Flexybox is an operating system with a myriad of possibilities. If there is something we can’t offer ourselves, we will often have an integration for it. We can integrate with the most commonly used IT systems on the market, so you can continue to use the systems you are comfortable with.

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