A personal training tool for your members. The user-friendly app makes it easy for members to manage bookings and ensures your members are always up to date about that is happening at your centre.

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Design your own fitness app

Strengthen member loyalty with FlexyLoyalty – White-label fitness app

As part of FlexyFitness, you can get a user-friendly white-label fitness app that can be built and designed to match and complement the company’s identity.

The app helps your members keep track of personal training programmes, exercises and classes, while they are kept regularly informed about exciting things happening at the centre.

With your very own app, new customers can get started quickly: Download the app, purchase your membership deal and receive the passcode for the door. It can’t get any easier than that!

Make it easy for your members to be a member

In the app’s class module, you will find all the features from the class schedule, where members can change their membership, register for/cancel class sessions and get an overview of class schedules, the people registered, trainers and possible cancellations. Furthermore, detailed descriptions and videos about the different classes can be added for some extra spice.

With the app, members can easily buy, renew or change their membership, renew ticket coupons, sign up for NETS/DIBS, make direct payments for membership signup or fees and use gift certificates/ticket coupon codes.

If you have extra special offers for members or events for app users only, they will be sent via push messages directly to your mobile, possibly together with news, invitations and other special offers from the centre.

On the news page, members are always up to date with exciting things happening at the centre.

Strengthen customer loyalty with your own app

FlexyLoyalty includes a lot of features that makes you able to take customer loyalty to a new level:

Offers, news and events

Increase interest and loyal members with exclusive offers, package prices or discounts in the app!

Send push messages

Make your message visible to members. Push notifications are an effective way to communicate news, membership offers or events.

Integration with ExorLive

If members link their ExorLive agreement to your centre’s fitness app, they can get the entire ExorLive profile integrated in the app. This gives them access to training videos, exercise tracking, unique programmes from a personal trainer, direct communication with a personal trainer and much, much more.

We integrate to your systems

Flexybox can deliver an operating system with a wealth of options; what we don’t offer ourselves, we have an integration for it. 

We integrate with all common IT systems on the market, ensuring that you can continue to use the systems you already know and are comfortable with.

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