Prices of FlexyPos

A flexible POS system with the option to have a visual table plan, shift rotas, online booking, inventory management and more. All designed to free up time and resources for world-class customer service.

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Number of workstations included
- Additional workstations i
Free support on weekdays from 09-16
Extended support for the first 3 months i
Hotline available from 06-24 seven days a week
Data Protection Service i
Cloud solution, incl. Data Protection Service
POS system
Touch-friendly POS system, without a limitation on buttons
Images and colours on buttons
Split the bill
Kitchen and bar printers
Composite products
Product reports and sales statistics
Fraud Advisor - analyse and check suspicious transactions
Integrated card terminals
MobilePay integration
Fixed and floating cash balance
Personal till counting
EasyCount for fast and error-free counting
Daily reports
Standard period reports
Report system - Create your own customised reports
Tailored reports i
Personnel administration
Access management, access groups and functional limitations
Contract templates, etc. i
Document handling
Gift card system
Issue and redeem gift cards
Gift card overview
Special gift cards i
Cancel gift cards, incl. warning for staff
Vouchers and gift certificates
Set up voucher and gift certificate content in the till
Easy redemption eliminates staff errors
Loading and validation of codes to prevent fraud
Table bookings
Visual table plan
Traffic light visiting status
Automatic table planning
Capacity management
Booking guide (optimise attendance and capacity)
Deposit and prepayment
Support for double bookings
Online bookings directly in the table plan3 i
Pre-ordered items are automatically added to the bill 3
The deposit is automatically deducted from the bill 3
Customer satisfaction survey after a visit
Customer database (CRM system)
Customer database
GDPR functions
Send SMS 1 and Email
Message system incl. communication history
Account history
Extended CRM tools
Assign contracts/memberships to customers i
Ongoing billing of partners i
Automatic invoices ready for billing i
Automatic charging directly via cards i
Renewal of expired or blocked cards i
Stop automatic contracts i
Retention system
Automatically send birthday messages
Send periodic emails i
Send a message in case of a long absence i
Avoid sending messages to standby members
Automatic follow-up for class members
Accounting integration
Scope of the department and till areas
Export to all common accounting systems (CSV files)
Integration with E-conomic
Invoicing system
Charge for sales via regular invoice (letter)
Charge directly via email
Charge directly via EAN
Reminder system
Own invoice templates
Automatic creation of invoices for voucher providers
Till modules in employee app
Easily register payments from the app
Take a photo of the document with a phone
Email with PDF attachment sent directly to accounting
Payments made/received are recorded in the POS system i
Set up procedure lists and get an overview of their creation
Create procedure lists for e.g. closing shop, WC checks, etc.
Steps can be accessed in the app and marked as completed i
Create steps in the list that can only be completed by scanning a QR code
Overview and reporting re. procedures i
Handheld ordering app
Number of mobile workstations included
Other mobile workstations
The order entered is sent directly to the kitchen
Billing list with visit status
Order/product changes
Upselling reminders
Comments to the kitchen
Receive payment
Communication over WiFi
Communication over mobile network for extra stability
Supports iPad and iPhone
Customer card
Customer card for automatic discount application
Gift cards on magnetic card/wireless cards
Gift card sales
Gift cards are automatically registered in the gift card system
Sale of regular merchandise
Sales are recorded directly in the cash system for a single overview
Online ordering page
Takeaway and delivery
Postcode-dependent delivery price
Order directly in the POS system, ready for settlement
Capacity management according to the time and day
Capacity management based on product and cooking time
Delivery service integration with E-Takeaway
Delivery service integration with Deliverit
Access control system
Electronic lock i
Set up different access rights
Increased security without physical keys i
Cheap key tags that can easily be cancelled electronically i
Timed access i
Give selected customers access to restricted areas i
Turnstiles and coloured armbands i
Integrations and API
Standard integrations i
API access i
Planday – Shift rosters
Mailchimp - Quickly create newsletters with in-depth statistics
Administrator workstations i
Supply chain management
Supply chain synchronisation i
Supply chain reporting
Dedicated CSM contact
Quarterly development meetings
Annual review meeting
System customisation and new development according to individual needs
Create a single digitisation platform with other FlexyBox products
FlexyTable i