Complete online take-away system


The take-away feature of FlexyPos is an efficient ordering system that handles all incoming orders, including those ordered online and those created manually by an employee. With an overview of your capacity and orders, you know exactly when each guest’s pre-ordered food is ready, either to take-away or for delivery. The orders are paid online or sent directly for settlement in the POS system.

Capacity management ensures happy customers

You can easily increase or reduce the capacity for each day and at item level, ensuring an optimal flow of satisfied customers who receive their meals on time.

The delivery time and cost, perhaps depending on postcode, is automatically calculated in the system and takes into account the capacity on the day.

Online payment, gift certificates and discounts

Assign a payment to your online take-away — this will significantly reduce "no-shows".

You can also let your customers use gift certificates and coupons for online ordering, e.g. in connection with campaigns.

The FlexyPos take-away system includes many features, all tailored to give guests a professional experience and the staff a useful tool:

Mandatory questions

Create important questions about orders that the customer should consider. Once the customer has placed an item in the basket, a pop-up will appear asking for e.g. upgrades to the menu, drinks, accompaniments, etc. This ensures adequate ordering and increases upselling.

Time and prices

The system allows time-dependent prices to be created, e.g. so that take-away orders are cheaper before lunch. Prices are automatically adjusted according to the time, thus minimising the risk of errors.


Studies show that good pictures can inspire and increase appetite, making the customer order more. Take advantage of this and add pictures of the dishes to your take-away menu.

We will be there, even if things go wrong at 23:00.

We understand the consequences for your business and customer service if the system acts up. And when you digitise your business that can happen sometimes. We offer free support every weekday from 9-16. The telephone support hotline is open every day of the week from 6-24. No matter what time you call, you will always be met by competent support staff who can help you move on quickly.

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