Do you spend your time on loyal customers or new customers?

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“DKK 0 sign-up fee”… “First three months for free”… Around New Year, the big hunt for new customers is on in fitness centres. Do you jump on that bandwagon?

Why not spend the time retaining the great members you already have? Retaining and nurturing existing members is far more profitable than constantly chasing new ones.

And it’s actually not that difficult. Send an email to your members wishing them a happy New Year and thanking them for some good active hours over the past year. Tell them that you’re glad to have them as members, and tell them how to make the most of their membership. Put out a bowl of Christmas treats or some mandarins. Offer a weigh-in or personal training session as a prize in a fun little competition. You know your members best, and you will definitely know what generates smiles and motivation in them.

FlexyCRM has a built-in retention system through which you can easily send newsletters to your members. Use it actively to gain loyal ambassadors rather than fleeting bargain hunters.

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Skal vi tage en snak?

Hos Flexybox kan du få kvalificeret hjælp til at sammensætte den helt rigtige løsning, som passer til dine behov. Vores medarbejdere anvender deres brancheerfaring til at skræddersy et system, som optimerer og skaber succes i din forretning.

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