Network requirements

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We want to help you have a great experience with Flexybox, so we’ve created a list of six points that will help strengthen your system’s operational stability:

  1. We recommend using a Flexybox hosted server if you meet all the requirements on this list. If you choose to use a local server, we recommend a network where you can open ports 1000-1010. In addition, we do not recommend using a mobile network (4G/5G).
  2. We recommend that licensees should have an in-house expert who can resolve the issue if the network goes down. Flexybox does not help with networking.
  3. The perceived responsiveness of the system is highly dependent on the latency of the network. We therefore recommend that latency does not exceed 30 MS.
  4. If members/guests are to use the network, VLANS must be split to create QoS.
  5. We recommend a wired internet connection for all your devices used by Flexybox.
  6. All Flexybox related equipment must have a static IP address. The address must be assigned via the DHCP server.

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