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Bowl’n’Fun collected all their needs into a single management system that does it all.

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“FlexyBox just meets all our needs”

Lene Høj Larsen

Director, Bowl’n’Fun

Direktør, Bowl'n'Fun, Lene Høj Larsen

Lene Høj Larsen


Bowl’n’Fun collected all their needs into a single management system that does it all.

Bowl’n’Fun is Denmark’s largest chain of bowling and entertainment centres located in 16 cities on Funen, Jutland and Zealand.

All the centres have their own restaurant, The Grill, where a well-stocked buffet is part of the experience. With a stated mission of ensuring happy and satisfied guests through attentive service, FlexyBox’s business systems are an important foundation for everyday operations which have energy to spare.

“In our centres we offer a wide range of activities in addition to bowling, including laser games, go-kart tracks, miniature golf, escape rooms and play centres. On top of this, we receive large groups for children’s and family birthdays, meetings, conferences and Christmas parties. This gives you an impression of a day-today life in which streamlined processes, user-friendliness and overview are alpha and omega for both guests and staff.

We have chosen to use the entire suite of systems from FlexyBox, which brings together all of our needs in one single management system that does it all. No one else on the market can do that. And over the past several years, this has created strong results for our entire chain. For example, we save a lot of human resources on the online booking and planning of activity packages and flows which FlexyBook calculates on its own. Otherwise, this would take a very long time and require experienced staff.

Shift rostering in FlexyPlan optimises our labour costs and makes it super easy for the staff to do the rostering themselves. With FlexyMenu, an electronic menu, our guests can order themselves from tablets by the bowling lanes. This has had positive effects on upselling, as guests do not have to wait for a waiter or leave the lane to order more drinks, for example, in the heat of battle. And I could go on. FlexyBox just meets all of our needs, and the team behind it is always ready to engage in dialogue on the development of brand new features.

The reporting options in FlexyBox’ systems are amazing – reports can be generated for all desired numbers… and we can do it ourselves. This is crucial for a business like ours, where we act based on figures which are updated every day.

Our FlexyBox solution is integrated with more than 10 external suppliers and their business systems, including the payroll system, the financial system, MobilePay, Verifone, The Yellow Pages, bowling score systems, spirit counter systems, Carlsberg’s beer/soda counter system, deals providers… you name it – and it just works. The whole thing is also very manageable and easy for our employees to work with, which is also important in a busy business like ours.

With a system as big as the one we have chosen, there is bound to be the occasional challenge. After all, this is IT! But we find that FlexyBox’s support is very service-minded and present. They speak to each employee at eye level, and can quickly familiarise themselves with the issue at hand. And as a customer, we can constantly stay updated on the tasks/tickets which are reported through their ticket link. Knowing that tasks have been systematised and that we will not be ‘forgotten’ gives us peace of mind. And we always get feedback on tasks during startup, processing and completion.

So I would 100% recommend FlexyBox’s systems for both small businesses and large, complex businesses. No doubt about it!”

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