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IT must not be allowed to stifle innovation at Wilt. That’s why they use the FlexyBox systems. That’s why they use the FlexyBox systems.

Gokart kører hurtigt i aktivitetscenter

“We don’t have to ask WHETHER the system can do it, but HOW it can do it.”

Simon Høj

Daily Manager, Wilt Activity Centre

Daglig leder, Wilt, Simon Høj

IT must not be allowed to stifle innovation at Wilt. That’s why they use the FlexyBox systems.

At more than 3,000 m2, Wilt is Svendborg’s largest activity centre, offering everything from children’s birthday parties and corporate events to fitness and sports experiences.

Wilt is constantly evolving in terms of new customer experiences, and this requires a flexible management system that can keep up. The systems from FlexyBox are just that:

“We have a complex business, and for the last three or four years, we have used FlexyBook, FlexyPOS and FlexyCRM to combine all our operations into a single system which integrates with, for example, our financial system. Reliability and flexibility are of paramount importance to us, and we demand a lot from our management system. IT simply cannot stifle innovation here, or limit new ideas!

The systems from FlexyBox keep up with our ideas, and we don’t have to ask whether the system CAN do it, but HOW we should do it… This creates the possibility to have a scalable business that just works, as the more our business grows, so does the importance of the role of automation of processes, overview, statistics, and minimisation of errors. We can always make a setup that turns ideas into reality. ractically everything has been thought of, and otherwise, the people from FlexyBox are always committed and ready for a chat about development.

We are really a relatively small organisation, but with the FlexyBox systems, you could say that we are buying ourselves a way to seem larger to the outside world. The whole process, from when a customer books online until the event is over, looks razor-sharp and professional. Our online booking interface looks gorgeous and is designed to match our universe. The customer automatically receives confirmation from us with a summary of their order and a schedule of activities. This is not a matter of course in our industry, but we can see that it gives customers peace of mind. We save a lot of human resources in this process, and customers do not have to call and ask what the plan is. This professionalism is a very important factor for us. Once an activity has been booked into the system, everyone can see it, so we are not dependent on one individual’s calendar. As the operational manager, I have an overview of everything, and it all makes sense. It also means that my middle managers and I can easily create staff plans using the built-in shift roster system.

In our industry, this kind of thing is often done under more or less chaotic circumstances in Facebook groups. We simply offer the shifts in the system, and our employees sign up for the ones that suit them. This gives us a complete overview of our resources and activities, and of where there might be gaps. This is usually a laborious process, and it has saved us a lot of resources and errors.

Besides all the technical stuff, I experience huge industry knowledge from the FlexyBox support department. They are a really good sounding board regarding various operational issues. This knowledge about the opportunities and challenges of the industry are particularly unique when, like us, you are a new and small player in a large, complex market.

I can certainly recommend systems from FlexyBox to other activity and sports centres. Actually, I would recommend them to all types of businesses who want to appear professional and have overview and control of their operations, and for whom innovation is the focal point.”

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